Woman Shoots Man In The Head On Facebook Live Gets Sentenced To 10 Yrs In Prison

HOUSTON, Texas — The woman who shot a man in the head while they were broadcasting on a Facebook Live stream has been sentenced to prison.

On Tuesday, Cassandra Damper was sentenced to serve 10 years for an aggravated assault count and five years for a tampering with evidence charge. She pleaded guilty in August to the counts after the April 2018 shooting of Devyn Holmes.

Damper will serve the sentences concurrently.

“So happy. I am so happy,” said Holmes afterward, in an exclusive television interview. “It’s perfect because it shows a human’s life is valuable. Because if he (judge) didn’t come with a verdict that good, it was like saying a human’s life is not valuable, but he showed me it is. So I’m glad about it.”

Earlier in the day, Damper took the stand and tearfully admitted to shooting Holmes.