Whitney Cummings Leaks Nudes After Trolls Try To Extort Her

Comedian and actress Whitney Cummings recently had someone online try and extort her with a picture of her naked breast and oh boy did it backfire.  

In April, Cummings accidentally uploaded a video to Instagram where she let a little nip slip. She soon realized her mistake and deleted the video from her page, but not before someone could take a screenshot for their personal records. 

So instead of paying money to the pathetic troll trying to extort her for some quick cash, Cummings did the only reasonable thing and leaked her own nude again for the whole world to see. 

Cummings was able to laugh at the whole thing and seemingly didn’t care that she had to again post a picture of her nipple on the internet. She even had some other comedian friends join in on the fun with her. 

HAHAHA go on Twitter if you want to see Bret’s nuts you sickos.