WATCH: World’s Chillest Man Lights Cigarette At Gunpoint During St. Louis Bar Robbery

A local man with nerves of steel and brass balls to match was apparently wholly unimpressed with the armed thief who robbed Behrmann’s Tavern late Tuesday night, refusing to hand over his cell phone and even casually lighting up a cigarette as the robber trained a gun at him. 

A security camera inside the bar captured the scene. The incident took place around 12:30 a.m. in the 3100 block of Meramec Street. KSDK reports that a man in his late 30s to mid 40s, wearing dark pants and a blue shirt, entered the bar with a heavily modified pistol and demanded money. 

The video shows many of the customers, as well as the bartender, immediately hit the deck upon the gunman’s arrival. 

But one fearless man is unmoved by the threat of physical violence against his person, choosing instead to remain seated at his perch and casually look at his phone. 

When the robber approaches the man to try to take his phone from him at gunpoint, the man pulls the phone away and sets it down on the bar before reaching for his pack of cigarettes and pulling out a smoke. The robber then walks around the bar while the man protects his smokes and phone by covering them with his hand. 

Once the robber is behind the bar he points his gun at the man again. With ice water running through his veins, the man simply lights up a cigarette in response. 

Apparently just as impressed with the man’s show of defiance as we are, the robber then turns his attention elsewhere and begins forcing customers to hand over their belongings before making the bartender open the register. Incredibly, the man simply waves the robber away when it’s his turn to give up the goods, cigarette still in hand. 

When the robber leaves the bar, he does so without any of the smoking man’s possessions. 

Police are still looking for the suspect in this case, who reportedly left the scene with only a couple hundred dollars.