WATCH: Wild Brawl Over Man Leaves 9 Floors Of Apartments Flooded

A wild brawl between a group of women — reportedly over a man — caused a pipe to burst inside an Atlanta apartment complex, flooding nine floors of the building.

The main water valve ruptured early Friday when security guards tried to break up the scuffle at the high-rise dubbed “The Mix” — and one of the ladies, 19-year-old Tamia Robinson, put up a fight with them, police said.

“This just goes to show, boys are not worth it,” Georgia State University student and witness Angel Onyori told Chanel 2 Action News.

Another witness, who posted footage of the fight and flooding on Twitter, said a woman fresh from Halloween partying ran into an unlocked apartment unit and began knocking on a man’s bedroom door.

“He was ‘sleep’ and we told her that and she should leave,” wrote @OneSixSlime.

But, “she wasn’t feeling that.. and continued to bang on the door.”

That’s when some girls inside the unit threatened they would “make her leave.”

Video of the tussle shows the women wacking at each other, and eventually falling to the ground.

The skirmish continued even after security guards showed up, and one of the women “having the strength of 12 offensive linemen” reached for a water pipe and broke it, @OneSixSlime wrote.

Footage shows the woman, handcuffed and wearing an orange top and shorts, sitting in a pool of water. She tries to get up repeatedly, and a security guard throws her back down on the wet ground every time.

Water could be seen streaming out from the windows of the apartment building like waterfalls, as firetrucks arrived.

Nine floors flooded when water leaked through the ceiling, Atlanta Fire spokesman Anare Holmes told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Police said after they arrived, Robinson was confronted by another lady and a second brawl broke out, according to Chanel 2 Action News.

Robinson was arrested on charges of criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

The other woman, Tashiane Richardson, 18, is facing a charge of disorderly conduct.