WATCH: Viral Road Rage, Battle Royale Between 3 Women, Catches The Attention Of Police

Cell phone video of three women allegedly attacking one another in a road rage incident on the I-57 near Chicago during rush hour last week has gone viral.

Footage of the confrontation was recorded by another driver who caught the entire incident on camera. The fight began around 7:13 a.m. Thursday morning in the northbound lanes of I-57, the Illinois State Police said in a report about the incident.

According to witnesses, the incident began with a woman swinging a baseball bat out the window as she’s changing lanes. That driver then can be seen getting out of her car and use the bat to smash the hood of a silver Hyundai. The passenger inside the Hyundai exits and begins throwing punches at the woman with the bat. The video shows the two women fighting and pulling each other’s hair while traffic whizzes by on the highway next to them. The driver of the silver vehicle, also gets out of the car and attempts to grab at the woman who had the bat to try and protect the passenger, who witnesses say, was her daughter.

At one point, one of the women picks up the bat and positions herself to swing away, which is where the video ends.

Illinois State Police said they’ve seen the video and are investigating the incident.