Watch This Woman CUT HERSELF WITH A KNIFE to FRAME Her Boyfriend

Without the video, this guy would be screwed because no one would believe a woman would walk to a cabinet, calmly take out a knife and then deeply cut herself. I mean, right? Who would buy that? Except…

When people say things like, “Why would she lie?” or “Nobody would go through that to frame someone,” think back to this video. When someone says, “You don’t believe her, so you’re making it harder for women that have been victimized to come forward,” think back to this video.” Why? Because it’s not the people who believe you should have to prove that a crime occurred that are making it harder for women that have been mistreated, it’s all the women who lie about this kind of thing. Again, all I can say is that this guy is REALLY LUCKY he has this on video and also, this chick is a whole other level of crazy and if this guy doesn’t stay away from her, he’s probably going to end up in jail, dead or with his bait and tackles cut off and in a garbage disposal one day.