Aransas Pass Police officers arrested Jesse Rose age 33 in the Walmart parking lot around 8:45 am. The complaint was he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was walking around talking to himself and acting strangely. Officers arrived at the scene, contacted Rose, and attempted to visit with him. Officers described him as being altered and did not know if the issue was drug or medically related. Because we have a high tendency of dealing with mental-health consumers, there was some initial confusion as to whether this was a medical or drug-related event. As you will observe by watching the video, it becomes apparent to officers they were dealing with an intoxicated subject. Officers had to physically remove Rose from his vehicle and take him into custody.

He was secured at our local jail but would later need to be shuffled around inside the jail. Later that afternoon, around 2 pm, officers found the time to move the inmates around and finish preparing them for the county jail. In doing so, Rose was made to sit in the booking area while officers moved another inmate out of the intox cell. Rose used that opportunity to make his great escape. Officer Garrison appears at the entrance into the jail. Officer Herrera signaled to Ofc. Garrison to keep an eye on Rose. When the coast was clear, Rose charged Ofc. Garrison and immediately took possession of her taser. Ofc Herrera and Sgt. Jones heard the struggle and responded to Ofc. Garrison.

Rose then discharged the taser toward Ofc. Herrera but missed striking him. The struggle continued into the booking hallway where Rose attempted to reload the taser. Because the taser was still administering its initial 5-second cycle, the second taser cartridge immediately discharged prematurely when it neared the “muzzle” of the taser. Rose then ran down the hallways, pursued by officers. As they turned the corner, Rose was taken to the ground and continued to fight with officers. At one point during the fray, Rose bit an officer on the arm. After a brief struggle, Rose was again taken into custody. Aside from minor injuries, no officers were seriously injured in this event.