WATCH: Parent Driving Car With Child On Hood As Punishment

Many parents have unique ways to punish their children. Some moms and dads put their kids in time out, others spank, and others take away toys or phones. What one parent did though has not only upset people across the country, but everyone is now calling for that person to be arrested.

A disturbing video was posted to with the title “Father Drives Car With Child On His Hood As A Form Of Punishment.” It shows a young girl scared to death and screaming as she holds on to the hood of a moving car. It’s seven seconds long but only takes an instant to want the person who filmed it held accountable.

There is no other information on the video and since it was just uploaded recently, there is also no word on if the person driving the car has been identified and/or captured. However, with the clip sure to go viral, that driver will likely, and hopefully, be IDed and arrested, and the child will be placed in a safer home.