WATCH: Owner Abandons Jeep On Beach As Hurricane Dorian Batters The Coast

As Hurricane Dorian slowly inches up the coast toward the Carolinas, one Jeep owner decided to abandon their SUV on Myrtle Beach. The Jeep was parked on the sand yesterday but got swept into the Atlantic Ocean during high tide. Authorities were notified about the Jeep but were unable to remove it due to the deteriorating weather conditions.


“As far as I know, it’s now a boat,” Lt. Jon Evans with the Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue said. “Until low tide or after the storm, I doubt anything is going to happen with it.”

The Myrtle Beach Police Department said on Twitter that they are working on a plan to remove it from the beach and asked residents to stay away from the vehicle.

“Thank you for the calls in reference to the vehicle on the beach. We are aware and we are working with our team to develop a plan to remove it however, it is not safe at this time. As we want to keep you safe, do not approach the vehicle. Public safety is a shared responsibility.”

Not everybody heeded their request as curious onlookers took selfies with the SUV while large waves battered it. One guy even climbed onto the roof of the vehicle and posed for photos.

The powerful waves began to take a toll on the Jeep, knocking the tires loose and tearing off its bumper.

Officials tied a buoy to the vehicle so they can locate if it gets washed out to sea when the Dorian makes landfall. They are still trying to locate the owner of the Jeep so they can find out why they left it on the beach.