WATCH: ‘Operator Error’ Causes Ten-Year-Old Boy To Fall From Zipline In Florida

A Florida family is suing Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park after their ten-year-old son suffered significant injuries when he fell from a zipline. An investigation into the accident, which occurred on September 1, revealed that the operator failed to buckle the leg straps, and the boy was left trying to support himself as he zipped across the ceiling of the facility.

While the boy was 20 feet in the air, his arms became tired and he lost his grip, crashing onto the floor. The worker said she was clipping in two riders at a time to make the line move faster and assumed another worker had secured the leg straps on the boy.

“Our inspector noted no deficiencies in the equipment at the time of the incident, nor did Urban Air have a history of device deficiencies during prior inspections of the facility. The report indicates that the incident was a result of operator error,” the department said in a statement.

Urban Air issued a statement saying the ride operator responsible for the accident was terminated, and they are committed to ensuring all their guests are safe.

“All staff members have been retrained on all attractions, and the employees in question are no longer with us. We are thankful to hear that the child is back in school, and we will continue to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers through his full recovery.”