WATCH: Mother Tells 911 She Wants Carjacker’s ‘Head On A Platter’

A Kentucky mother was exasperated while calling 911 after her SUV was stolen with her baby in the backseat. Police say the mother left her car running and went into a UPS store. While she was inside, a man, who was allegedly high on methamphetamine, stole her vehicle from the parking lot.

When she saw the man in the driver’s seat, she ran outside and jumped in front of her SUV trying to get him to stop.

“I was unlocking my phone while I tried to get him to stop,” she told the 911 dispatcher. “I got in front of the car, and I was like wait, hold on, my car is moving. Right? And so I tried to get in front of it just to get my baby outside and tell him he can have the car, that I didn’t want the car, that I just needed my baby.”

The suspect drove off, leaving the woman in tears as she frantically begged the 911 operator to find her 13-month old child. The dispatcher assured the woman that officers were in the area and were searching for her car. 

“Please find this bastard *******! I want his head on a platter,” she screamed during the tense 911 call.

Officers managed to track down the suspect, but he refused to pull over. He sped away, reaching speeds of more than 100 MPH. 

“Once he realized that there was a 13-month-old little girl in the car, he absolutely had the ability to pull over and stop and end it, but he did not,” Shepherdsville Police Chief Rick McCubbin said at a news conference.

He eventually lost control of the SUV and veered across multiple lanes of traffic before crashing through a line of trees and coming to a stop on a grassy knoll. Miraculously, the child was unharmed in the crash.

“It was kind of a scary situation to be in,” Hillsview Sgt. Kyle McAllister told reporters. “You don’t want to push him to wreck because of the child, but you can’t let him go either.”

The suspect, identified as Joshua Reynolds, 22, was taken in custody. Reynolds told police he had been taking methamphetamine and had been awake for four days. He was charged with kidnapping, auto theft, evading police, reckless driving, wanton endangerment, driving under the influence and driving without a license.