WATCH: Mercedes-Benz Rams Mustang Near Taco Truck – SHE WANTED HER TACO TO GO!

An impatient woman was caught on video repeatedly ramming her Mercedes-Benz into another vehicle in a parking lot in Hollywood over the weekend and police are investigating the incident, officials said Monday.

The incident began around 2 a.m. early Saturday morning while a group of people were ordering food from a taco truck parked on the corner next to the lot where it occurred. One of the car’s passengers told KTLA the group had put their plates on the hood of a black Ford Mustang while they were eating. The car was parked in a crowded lot with a few of the vehicles parked there, blocked in, according to the passenger.

While the group was eating, the woman seen on the video began screaming at them, telling them to move the Mustang that was blocking her Mercedes-Benz, the man told the television station.

“She was screaming at all my friends, ‘Move the car, Move the car.’ So I tossed the keys to another one of my friends who was getting in the car to move,” he said.

However, the man didn’t move fast enough and the woman grew impatient and put her vehicle in reverse, ramming the Mustang repeatedly to try and get out, hitting another car driving down the street.

The driver of the Mustang bailed out of the vehicle.

“He literally jumped out of the car when she hit that third time,” the man said.

The driver of the Mercedes ended up hitting the passenger as she drove off.

“It was honestly terrifying, I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet,” the Mustang’s owner told KTLA. “It’s insane, it’s nothing you’d ever expect to happen to you. It’s like, oh, you hear about that on the news, oh, you hear about that on TV, and then you’re sitting there, and you’re watching this car get rammed over and over again. It’s just this blatant disregard for any sort of human life in the way of that.”

The group called 911 to report the incident, but before police arrived, the woman in the Mercedes returned on foot and slapped on girl and punched another woman in the back of the head.

Witnesses called 911 again and police arrived after that.

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department filed felony vandalism and battery reports in connection with the incident, which was caught by multiple cellphone cameras.

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz is also believed to be the same woman who led authorities in Victorville on a chase in January 2018 and then posted the video online.