WATCH: Horrific Video Of Large Group Assaulting, Mugging 15-Year-Old Girl

Authorities in New York City are trying to track down more than a dozen individuals who brazenly attacked a 15-year-old girl walking down the street in broad daylight. A shocking video captured the group hitting and kicking the girl while she laid helpless on the ground.

The brutal assault lasted for nearly 20-seconds, and they took her cellphone, debit card, and Air Jordan sneakers before running off in different directions. The girl was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for bruising and head trauma. She remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Police officials do not know what sparked the vicious attack but released the “sickening” video hoping that members of the public can help them identify the perpetrators.

OUTRAGE:this is sickening video of a 15 year old girl viciously attacked by a group of school children. One young man takes the sneakers right off the unconscious victim’s feet. The teenager is in the hospital recovering. We CAN NOT allow this behavior in our community. #Speakup