WATCH: Hero Saves Elderly Woman From Violent Attack And Is Fined For Beating Attacker

A Russian man who stepped in to save an 88-year-old grandmother from a violent thug who had her pinned to the ground and broke her ribs has been fined by police for beating the attacker.

Leonid Shchepel has been told be must pay 5,000 rubles ($74) for fighting off the thug who attacked his elderly neighbour Klara Melamed outside their block of flats in Klintsy in western Russia.

Shocking video footage filmed by Mr Shchepel shows the unnamed 32-year-old attacker on top of the frail woman, before the hero kicks him in the head.

Mrs Melamed suffered broken ribs, head trauma, a dislocated arm and lost several teeth in the violent attack.

However, despite this, the unscrupulous attacker reported Mr Shchepel to the police and the hero has now been handed the fine.

Mr Shchepel said: ‘I do not regret what I did. Klara’s life and health are more important than the money.’

According to a police statement, the alleged attacker was drunk and went to the wrong front door in the block of flats. When he knocked on the door and the old lady answered he thought she was an intruder and began attacking her.

The 32-year-old suspected attacker has been placed in custody for two months while the investigation is ongoing.

Here is a rough translation of the video:

“what the fuck are you doing?” “the fuck are you hitting a woman for?” “Asshole/scum” “If you get up, I swear I’m going to kill you”

As they’re walking away: “I should call the police on you” “what was that about?”

When they’re inside: “Do you know him?” “No, he’s a stranger” “Do you need me to call you an ambulance?” “I can’t hear you?” “DO YOU NEED ME TO CALL YOU AN AMBULANCE?” “No it’s okay, I’m going to clean myself up.”