WATCH: Florida Officer Loses Her Job For Making Nude Video In Elementary School Bathroom

A deputy in Florida was fired after officials discovered that she stripped down and filmed an x-rated video for her husband in the bathroom at Kissimmee Charter Academy while classes were in session. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office found the video while investigating an unrelated incident between the unidentified officer and her husband.

Officials released a blurred-out version of the footage, which was filmed back in December, in which the officer can be heard asking her husband what he thought of the video.

Authorities say that while she was on her lunch break at the time, she was still on-call and would have been unable to respond if there was an emergency at the school.

The officer does not believe she should have been fired for filming the video at the elementary school. She pointed out that she was in a staff bathroom and locked the door to ensure that she wouldn’t be disturbed while making the video.