WATCH: Drunk Bus Driver Caught On Camera Ranting At Students & Babbling To Herself

Nearly two hours of disturbing video shows a bus driver unraveling in front of terrified students during her route on September 12. A fifth-grade boy called 911 to report that the driver was driving erratically and running red lights. 48-year-old Catherine Maccarone was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and reckless endangerment. She resigned from her job following her arrest.

The video, which was obtained by KGW, captured the bus driver talking to herself while the bus was empty.

“You know why I’m doing it? Because my marriage sucks. My husband is a son of a gun, and there’s no one on this bus. Yeah, he’s a son of a gun with a d in front…” Maccarone said directly to the camera.

Once students started to board the bus, Maccarone began rambling and acting crazy.

“I am crazy. I’m totally crazy. I am so fun crazy because I love life.”

She told the students she graduated from college three times and even claimed she spent a year as a gang informant in Los Angeles.

When Maccarone was taken into custody, she denied running red lights and told officers that she was taking anti-anxiety and sleep medication.

District officials say they have made changes to ensure that bus drivers are sober when they get behind the wheel.