WATCH: ‘Crazy’ Car Owner Surprises Thief by Leaping Onto Hood

A Boston man’s reaction when he saw a thief driving away in his car was to take a leap onto the hood and hold on for dear life. The thief kept driving, NBC reports, and swerving, finally sending the owner flying off the Volkswagen Passat. The thief then took a sharp left turn and crashed into three parked cars before fleeing on foot. The owner was taken to a hospital Monday night with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. Surveillance cameras captured the crime.

“I jerked around in time to literally see the man flying through the air,” a witness said. “He smashed on the ground.” As the witness ran to help the injured owner, he said the thief brushed past him. He pointed at the owner on the ground, per Boston25, and told the witness, “That guy’s crazy.”