WATCH: Cops Shoot Unarmed Woman at Hotel

Here’s an exclusive new look at a Tulare County sheriff’s deputy shooting a woman inside a suspect’s Delano hotel room in June. The acquired body camera footage released as part of a federal lawsuit filed by the victim against Tulare County and sheriff’s deputies. Her 4-year-old son already got a seven-figure settlement from another agency. Tulare County sheriff’s deputy Rommel Verenzuela opened fire so quickly as he ran past the opening door of a hotel room, his body camera didn’t even catch a view of the open door. But the shot hit its mark. A bullet hit Alexis Resendez in the abdomen, right below her heart. Tulare County sheriff’s deputies and Delano police went to the hotel looking for her boyfriend, Arturo Galvan, because he was a suspect in a drive-by shooting the day before.