WATCH: Arrest of 2 Teen Girls Gets Crazy

A Bronx teen who filmed herself springing a friend from a police cruiser is now in trouble—and so is the friend, NBC New York reports. It went down Thursday after two 14-year-old girls allegedly punched and kicked another girl unconscious at a street corner. Cops tried arresting the girls, who fought back, creating a heated scene with locals shouting at the officers. The girls were eventually cuffed and put in the back of a police SUV. And that’s when a 15-year-old female friend of theirs came along, per the New York Post.

While shooting video, the older friend freed one of the girls from the unlocked NYPD vehicle and cried, “You got it, run! Run!” while the friend bolted down the street. But officers managed to track down the cuffed girl and arrest her; the 15-year-old was charged with obstruction. “She mockingly let her go and mockingly put it on social media as if it’s a joke,” a former NYPD sergeant tells CBS New York. “It’s not a joke.” But some at the scene argued that police handled the girls too roughly: “These are children, there’s a way to do things,” says a female bystander