WATCH: Arizona Man Dumps Handicapped Woman Out Of Wheelchair To Steal It

An Arizona man has been arrested after a failed attempt to steal a woman’s wheelchair on a light rail in Phoenix. Video captured the man, identified as Austin Shurbutt, 26, trying to wheel the woman off the train. She attempted to resist and grabbed the poles as he tried to force her off the train.

Shurbutt then tipped the wheelchair over and dumped her onto the ground. While passengers rushed to check on the woman, Shurbutt grabbed the wheelchair and started to run off the train. A bystander on the train platform confronted Shurbutt, and he ditched the wheelchair as he fled the area. Authorities asked the public for help, and he was tracked down and arrested later in the day.

The wheelchair was returned to the woman, and she appeared to be fine following the incident.

Shurbutt, who had a pair of outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest, was taken to a Maricopa County jail where he was charged with robbery, attempt to kidnap, assault, and vulnerable adult abuse.

“This arrest would not have happened as quickly as it did without the help from our media partners, the community we serve, and the dedicated police professionals who investigated information immediately to make this arrest,” Sergeant James Rothschild said.