WATCH: Angry 65-Yr-Old Woman Runs From Cop Trying To Ticket Her, Kicks Him In The Groin And Gets Tased

A 65-year-old woman has been charged after body camera video shows her interaction with a police officer when she refused to sign a ticket that would cost her $80.

Debra Hamil was not willing to pay up when a police officer issued an $80 ticket for a broken tail light.

When the officer asked her to step out of her vehicle, she refused and drove off, leading the officer on a brief pursuit.

Hamil eventually pulled over in a parking lot, and the officer approached her vehicle with a gun. The officer then pulled Hamil out of her truck, and she was caught on camera kicking him and resisting arrest.

The officer deployed his Taser after she refused to put her hands behind her back.

Hamil refused medical attention, but officials said they brought her to the ER for an assessment.

The Kingfisher County District Attorney’s office has accepted charges against Hamil for one felony assault on a police officer and one misdemeanor for resisting arrest.