UK’S Waitrose Says ‘Bring Your Own Containers’ In Trial To Cut Plastic And Packaging

Products such as pasta, wine, coffee and fruit and vegetables will be loose or in dispensers under the scheme.

Waitrose will allow customers to fill their own containers with products ranging from pasta to washing-up liquid in an effort to cut waste.

Products such as wine, coffee and fruit and vegetables will also form part of the trial designed to reduce plastic and packaging.Sponsored link

The scheme will provide a dedicated refill zone with dispensers for a range of products, as well as the UK’s first “pick and mix” for frozen fruit including mango, strawberries and pineapple.

Waitrose customers will be able to “borrow a box” from the store to shop with and return on their next visit.

The supermarket chain said the ideas have the potential to save thousands of tonnes of unnecessary plastic and packaging.

They are being tested at the store in Botley Road, Oxford, which has been transformed to take hundreds of products out of their packaging for the trial.

Packaged equivalents of the products will remain in their usual areas to create an effective test to see if shoppers change how they shop.

They have some GREAT video recipes on their YouTube channel as well.