TO PROTECT AND PERV: Arizona State Trooper Arrested On 61 Counts Of Sex Abuse And Kidnapping

A 13-year veteran of the Arizona Department of Public Safety was arrested after being accused of demanding sexual favors from women in exchange for not writing them tickets when he pulled them over. 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson is facing 61 charges of sexual abuse, sexual extortion, unlawful sexual conduct, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, fraudulent schemes and practices and tampering with a public record.

Jackson allegedly would pull over women he found attractive and then use “his position of authority to extort sexual favors” from them.

“Jackson generated DPS warnings with false information, false times, false locations, false violations and with no legal violation of law to conduct the traffic stop,” officials wrote in court documents. “During traffic stops, Jackson behaved unprofessionally, exhibited specific body language… when placing the female victims in positions of desperation and fear.”

Authorities have identified at least nine victims and believe there could be more women out there who were targeted by Jackson. They set up a website and hotline for women to come forward and file complaints.

“I implore anyone who has had contact with Trooper Jackson, who may have been affected by contact with him, who may have been victimized either through commentary or through physical action by Trooper Jackson, to please come forward and let us know about your inappropriate experience,” said DPS director Col. Frank Milstead.

Officials began investigating Jackson following a complaint in May, and he was placed on administrative leave in June following a second complaint from another female driver. 

Jackson was eventually fired as investigators realized the scope of his alleged crimes. He could face more charges as more women come forward. 

“The temerity of Trooper Jackson is horrifying,” Milstead said. “Our job now is to respond appropriately.”