The British Government’s New Masturbation Prevention System

The British Government’s New Masturbation Prevention System

This is the new age verification system that the British government has devised for access to pornography. Or, as we can and probably should put it, the new masturbation prevention system.

Quite why it is necessary to reduce the amount of self pleasuring is unknown. As Woody Allen pointed out at least it’s sex with someone you love. Perhaps more importantly that access to online pornography has reduced, massively, the number of rapes out here in meatworld. It turns out that porn and sexual violence are substitutes for each other, not complements.

But, you know, can’t allow people to just get on with life in their own manner now, can we? There must be rules, regulation, otherwise what is suffocating bureaucracy for, how can it justify its budget?

The real worry being what are they going to add to this system? What other information will we have to ask permission to navigate? And when do they start insisting that we can’t even though we’ve asked politely?

I’m sure the 6 step process, including having to go to your newsagent will reduce pornography use…

The ‘do it later’ button, only allows you to view content during the implementation period and will be removed in the coming months.

This is going to hit porn producers hard, and will take content underground.