SEE IT: Florida Man Fleeing Police On Bike, Faceplants Before Getting Tased

A florida man fleeing police on his bicycle thwarted his own escape with a spectacular face plant before getting tased by an officer pursuing him.

A woman in a passing car filming the ill-fated flight after noticing the suspect furiously pedaling down a street as a squad car trailed right behind him in Largo on Sunday afternoon.

She was commenting on the man’s fervent but futile efforts when he hit a steep curb and went flying over the front wheel of his getaway bike.

An officer pursuing the man in a squad car jumped out and ran before discharging his taser

The woman can be heard cheering the man before he goes down.

“Go buddy go!” she says as he faceplants.

The man appears to be trying to get up when the cop driving behind him jumps out of his cruiser and discharges his taser at him.

‘Oh s ** t! the woman says. “Did he just shoot him?”

“Get tased bro!” a man behind the camera shouts.

The 40-second video ends with the officer approaching the subdued suspect as the woman filming keeps driving down the road.

It is unclear who the suspect was or why he was being pursued.