Pair Accused Of Kidnapping Man, Stripping Him Naked And Tying Him To A Tree

Two people in New Hampshire have been taken into custody for allegedly kidnapping a man and leaving him naked, tied to a tree. Police said that Ariel Dupuis, 29, and Ronald Betances, 37, grabbed their victim, who has not been identified, from his home in Manchester at knifepoint.

The pair allegedly took his wallet and phone and ordered him to get into a car. They drove the victim around, making several stops before arriving in the town of Derry, which is about 15 miles away.

The victim was then taken out of the car, stripped of his clothes, and tied to a tree. The pair then assaulted him before leaving.

The man was able to free himself and contacted the police. He was treated for his injuries, which were not considered life-threatening.

Officials said that the Betances and Dupuis knew the victim, but did not reveal the motivation behind the kidnapping. Betances is facing kidnapping and robbery charges, while Dupuis was charged with criminal liability to kidnapping and criminal liability to robbery.