Man Caught On ‘Dark Web’ Searching For Underage Girl To Rape, Kill, And Eat

Alexander Nathan Barter, 21, was arrested in an undercover sting after posting on the dark web looking for help to fulfill his necrophiliac and cannibalistic desires

The investigation began when a Brevard County police officer noticed a bizarre ad on the internet.

“I’d like to try necrophilia and cannibalism and see how it feels to take a life,” Barter’s post read.

An undercover agent posing as a parent responded and offered his underage daughter to Barter, with the 21 year old, ‘expressing interest,’ in raping and killing the girl.

The officer contacted Barter and made out that he was a man willing to make his underage daughter available to him.

“I’m not into role playing. I want to actually rape, kill and cannibalise her,” Barter warned as he accepted the man’s offer.

Barter reportedly replied to the officer saying, ‘Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?’

In a series of emails, via encrypted email addresses, Barter discussed a plan to meet the father-daughter duo and take the girl back to a hotel. The suspect instructed the agent to return home after dropping off his daughter and report her missing to police.

But as Barter was leaving his house for the meet-up, authorities arrested him outside his residence while carrying a plastic trash bag and knife.

“It’s probably the most unusual and the most disgusting case I’ve ever seen,” Wayne Ivey, the sheriff of Brevard County in Florida, told a press conference.

Barter even thanked the police for preventing him from going ahead with the plan, because he said he could not control himself.

Barter faces charges including criminal solicitation and conspiracy to commit capital murder. If convicted he faces life in prison.