Londoners Are Freaking Out Over Weird ‘Blackhole’ Clouds In The Sky

People have no clue what these clouds mean, why they are here, and what might happen as a result of them.

Coincidently, they seem to have turned up on the exact day that Donald Trump is visiting London.

As the giant Donald Trump on a toilet creates a storm in Trafalgar Square, we wonder whether these billowing clouds have anything to do with the President’s arrival.

Whether they do or not, people are freaking out about them and asking what on earth they could mean. In all fairness, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen clouds quite this extreme.

These tweets show just how bewildered some Londoners are about the strange phenomenon:

Alexa Brown asked: “What the hell is this floating over South London?”

Ritch Ames also asked Twitter what the “weird cloud formation over Central London” was.

While this Twitter user is worried the clouds are actually a black hole forming.

What’s the science behind it?

We can’t be certain that this isn’t an alien invasion, but a more likely explanation is asperitas clouds, according to Channel 4 weather presenter, Liam Dutton.

Asperitas is a rare cloud formation which means “roughness”. They are dark and take on the appearance of the rippling waves of the sea surface.

Usually they dissipate before a storm actually breaks out and are apparently less ominous than they look.

No-one knows exactly how these clouds are formed. Some have claimed they form in the aftermath of thunderstorms, but others say they’ve spotted them in calm environments.

What is definite is conditions must be unstable for these clouds to form. This returns us to the question of whether Donald Trump has unsettled London and brought these clouds upon us.