KARMA-LIZED: Florida Man’s Attempt To Kill His Wife Backfires, Leaves Him Paralyzed

A Florida man has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding and breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony after he drove to Virginia to try to kill his estranged wife. 65-year-old Henry Frank Herbig drove from Florida to Virginia Beach and broke into her home.

He started attacking her with a wrench, but his stepdaughter intervened and shot him in the spine, leaving him paralyzed. Officials determined she acted in self-defense and did not press charges.

Investigators say Herbig had a journal in which he wrote about his plans to murder his wife. He reportedly used several cars on his drive and brought gas cans so he wouldn’t have to stop along the way. He also had multiple cell phones, disguises, garbage bags, zip ties, duct tape, and weapons.

A judge denied Herbig bail, citing the fact that he is a flight risk, despite being paralyzed. Prosecutors pointed out that he is wealthy and has connections to some pilots and a house near the Canadian border. They also argued that his detailed planning, which included using different cars and disguises, made it possible he could concoct a plan to flee if he was released.