Inmates Escape But Come Back With Whiskey, Phones And Other Contraband

It apparently wasn’t the first time in Beaumont, Texas

These four inmates didn’t want their freedom, apparently, but they did want their incarceration to be a little more tolerable. Authorities in Beaumont, Texas, say they caught inmates from the local Federal Correctional Complex who had escaped and were returning with whiskey, cell phones, and other goodies, reports Newsweek.

This is apparently a thing at the prison: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says in a Facebook post that it set up surveillance “after repeated reports of prisoners continuing to escape and bring contraband back into the prison complex.”

Investigators say the prisoners left the prison grounds and cut through a neighboring ranch, though where they got the contraband remains unclear, reports KTRK. Regardless, Julian Lemus, 34; Robert Young, 45; Leo Martinez, 25; and Silvestre Rico, 35, will now have new charges added to their rap sheets. “[We] will continue our efforts to work together to make Jefferson County a safer place to live,” says the Sheriff’s Office. The complex has low-, medium-, and high-security lockups, and the four were presumably from the low-security facility.