WATCH: Health Official Goes Viral For Licking Finger At Coronavirus Briefing

With coronvavirus becoming a pandemic, public health officials are urging residents to wash their hands often and for 20 seconds each time, and to avoid touching their faces. The advice is solid and could definitely help stop the spread of the virus, however it is also much easier said than done. Nowhere was that more evident than in Santa Clara County, California, where the county’s public health officer and director, Sara Cody, spoke to reporters at a press conference.

During the briefing, she stated, “Start working on not touching your face, because one main way viruses spread is when you touch your own mouth, nose or eyes.” Moments later, she licked her finger as she turned a page of her written remarks.

It’s a stark reminder of how challenging it can be to halt the spread of coronavirus.

It didn’t take long for some jokers to create a more humorous version of the video.

At the very least, the video teaches a valuable lesson about how often we do touch our faces without realizing it, and how we all need to be more vigilant about it to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

If you need an extra nudge, you can always try, a website that yells at you if you touch your face.