Florida Woman Accused Of Assaulting Burger King Manager After Being Denied Free Fries

A 42-year-old woman was arrested earlier this month for reportedly attacking a Burger King manager when she didn’t get free fries, WFOR reported.

Natasha Bagley and 26-year-old Genesis Peguero came through the drive-thru of the Burger King at 18240 South Dixie Highway on April 2, according to WFOR. The pair asked for free fries, but the employee working the drive-thru said no.

Just minutes later, Bagley and Peguero walked into the restaurant and caused a ruckus, WFOR reported. Peguero then jumped over the counter to the employees only area. When a manager approached her, she demanded that they open the cash register and give her whatever was inside.

According to WFOR, Peguero threatened to hit the manager with a .45 caliber pistol while reaching into her pants pocket. When the manager tried to call police, Peguero slapped the phone away and began physically attacking the manager, hitting her in the face.

At that point, Bagley also jumped over the the counter and also began attacking the manager, WFOR reported. Before fleeing the Burger King, Peguero pushed both cash registers and monitors off the counter, causing them to break.

Peguero went back over the counter to hit the manager again before the pair fled in a black SUV, according to WFOR. Someone was able to take down the license plate number and a records check showed the SUV was registered to Bagley.

Bagley was later found and arrested, but Peguero is still at large, WFOR reported. Bagley was charged with armed burglary with assault or battery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and armed criminal mischief.