Florida 911 Dispatcher Suspended After Telling Man To Get Rid Of Evidence

A 911 dispatcher for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has been suspended for two days and placed on six months of disciplinary probation after she told a man to dispose of evidence. Authorities say that Amanda Kinzler called a man on a recorded landline who was surrounded by Fort Myers police officers.

She told the man, who was not identified, to “get rid of it,” referring to marijuana he had on him. He told her that he threw in the bushes, and she confirmed that he had nothing on him. She then told him to have the officers call her at work if he was questioned.

Some of Kinzler’s co-workers overheard the conversation and alerted her supervisors. Kinzler was questioned by authorities and admitted to telling the man to toss the evidence, but claimed she did not know it was marijuana.

They also discovered a text message that she sent the man saying: “You need to call me now, ASAP, now…or I’m getting a felony.”

Kinzler told investigators that she realized it was “major lapse in judgment” and that if she could do it all over, she would not have told him to get rid of the evidence.