EASILY OFFENDED?: Delegates At The Democratic Socialist Of America Meeting Were Triggered By ‘Sensory Overload’ And ‘Gendered Pronouns’

The Democratic Socialists of America convention came to a an abrubt halt this weekend when a few of the ‘comrades’ complained about ‘sensory overload’ and ‘gendered pronouns’

One delegate formally complained of “sensory overload” due to “guys” whispering and chatting.

“Guys, first of all, James Jackson, Sacramento he/him,” I just want to say can we please keep the chatter to a minimum,  I’m one of the people whose very, very prone to sensory overload there’s a lot of whispering and chattering going on it’s making it very difficult for me to focus, Please, I know we’re all fresh and ready to go, but please can we just keep the chatter to a minimum. It’s affecting my ability to focus.” (emphasis added)

The request prompted a rebuke from another “comrade” who angrily demanded an immediate end to the use of “gendered language.”

“Point of personal privilege, point of personal privilege!” the man demands. “Please do not use gendered language to address everyone!” 

Later on the delegate who complained about sensory overload wanted to reiterate his sentiments:

“Quick point of privilege once again!” an exasperated Jackson says. “I have already asked people to be mindful of the chatter of their comrades who are sensitive to sensory overload. And that goes DOUBLE for the heckling and hissing! It is also triggering to my anxiety! Like…it is isn’t just for like ‘let’s keep things civil’ or whatever. It’s so that people aren’t gonna get triggered and it doesn’t affect their performance as a delegate.”

Several other delegates could be seen waving “Jazz hands” in the air, instead of applauding, as he spoke. (Jazz hands are considered less “triggering” to those sensitive to loud sounds.)