Dude Delivers Devastating Suplex And Knocks Out Man Who Tagged His Girl To Send Nudes

Dude Terrorizes Best Buddy By Constantly Catching Him Off Guard And Throwing His Expensive Phone At Him

A man hilariously stressed out his best buddy when he chucked his smartphone and let him catch it when he least expected it.

Woody of YouTube duo Woody and Kleiny chose random times and took Kleiny’s smartphone before either throwing it towards him or just up in the air with the sole purpose of trolling the heck out of him. Fortunately, Kleiny managed to catch his phone every single time, except when he was chilling in the tub.

Hope that was a waterproof iPhone 7.

Owning an expensive smartphone can cause a considerable amount of stress whenever we drop it, giving this man the brilliant idea of trolling his friend with it.