Doctor Arrested For Performing Hysterectomies & Operations On Patients Without Consent

A doctor in Virginia has been arrested after federal authorities accused him of performing unnecessary surgeries without the consent of his patientsJavaid Perwaiz, 69, is facing charges of health care fraud and making false statements to federal investigators.

In one case, Perwaiz told a woman she needed a hysterectomy to prevent her from developing cancer. The woman did not want to have an invasive surgery but agreed to have her ovaries removed. When she woke up from what she thought was an outpatient procedure, she was shocked to find out that he had performed “a total abdominal hysterectomy.”

In addition to the unwanted surgery, he also cut her bladder during the operation, and she had to spend six days in the hospital getting treated for sepsis. When she reviewed her medical records, she saw no mention of cancer, and that her surgery was listed as “elective.”

Another woman claimed that Perwaiz removed her fallopian tubes after she went to him following an ectopic pregnancy. She had no idea he had conducted the surgery until she went to a fertility specialist for help getting pregnant. The specialist told her that her fallopian tubes “were burnt down to the nubs, making natural conception impossible.”

Investigators said that Perwaiz would use the threat of cancer to convince patients to undergo invasive surgeries, which were not medically necessary.

He lost his admitting privileges in 1982 at a hospital Portsmouth for performing unnecessary surgeries and poor clinical judgment and has faced eight malpractice suits during his medical career.