Church Leader Accused Of Soliciting Male Student With An Arby’s Card

church leader from Missouri has been accused of soliciting prostitution and trying to pay for sex using an Arby’s card. Police say that Barry Poyner, 57, who is an elder at the Kirksville Church of Christ and a communications professor at Truman State University, was contacting men on Grindr and “offering to pay for items for sexual favors.”

After receiving complaints about Poyner’s harassing behavior, officers set up a sting operation. A deputy created a fake profile on Grindr, pretending to be an 18-year-old student. Poyner made contact with the undercover officer, saying he wanted to have a “sugar daddy relationship” and offered him clothing, cash, and gift cards.

Poyner even offered to refuel the teen’s car in exchange for sex and arranged to meet him at a gas station, telling the teen he “might throw in an Arby’s card LOL.” When Poyner arrived at the gas station, he was met by the police. He fled the area, but officers managed to track him down and took him into custody.

He was charged with patronizing prostitution, a class B misdemeanor. He faces a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in prison if he is convicted. Truman State suspended Poyner and his name has been removed from the website of the Church of Christ. The church’s Facebook page, which reportedly made homophobic posts, has been deactivated as well.