Bride-To-Be Cries After Getting ‘Ugliest Engagement Ring’ Ever

A proposal is one of those life events that will always be remembered, so most people want theirs to go perfectly, but often times, they don’t. Sometimes other people ruin the moment, other times it ends in rejection, and then there are the proposals that are just too weird to take seriously.

It wasn’t the proposal that went poorly for a woman in Italy named Anna Rosy though, it was the ring her boyfriend presented to her when he popped the question. She turned to a ring shaming Facebook group to reveal how the jewelry brought tears to her eyes when she saw it… and not in a good way.

Calling it the “ugliest engagement ring,” Anna Rosy stated, “I cried a lot when I received it.”

he ring seems to feature a silver mask with some lips under it. Commenters agreed with Anna Rosy’s reaction, writing things like, “This is literally the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” and “Yo, I woulda cried too. Straight up ugly cried.” One rightfully pointed out, “Reminds me of a prize for winning a wrestling competition” and another asked, “Is this some sort of optical illusion? I tried turning the phone a few different angles, but it’s still hideous.”

Others chose to compare the ring to various characters. One questioned, “Are you marrying the Phantom of the Opera?” while another stated, “Oh this is that new Marvel line of jewelry. This is the Iron Man band,” and yet another inquired, “Is that a Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

As for her response, Anna Rosy said yes, but confessed to only wearing the ring one time since then.