Brazen Jewel Heist in Broad Daylight

3 suspects made off with an estimated $4M in jewelry in Manhattan

 A brazen daylight heist was caught on surveillance video in Manhattan Sunday, where three men entered “celebrity jeweler” Avianne & Co. around noon and walked out with an estimated $4 million in jewelry in what CBS New York calls a “Hollywood-style robbery.”

The men posed as customers and asked about jewelry, then brandished guns and ordered workers face-first onto the ground, NBC News reports. The suspects forced one worker to open cases and safes, then restrained the workers with duct tape and zip ties as they loaded up their bags with jewels and fled on foot.

The NYPD released the video as they attempt to locate the suspects. “They weren’t wearing masks. They weren’t wearing gloves,” notes one incredulous fellow jeweler. “They just expect to walk away from this thing.”