Blundering Bank Robber Forgets To Cut Eye Holes In His Pillowcase Disguise

A blundering bank robber in Fife put a pillowcase over his head to hide his identity – then had to take it off because he couldn’t see what he was doing during an attempted raid.

Matthew Davies stormed into the Bank of Scotland branch in Dunfermline armed with a meat cleaver last September demanding money from terrified staff behind the counter.

The 47-year-old pulled the weapon from a pillowcase before putting the bedding item over his head and instantly losing his bearings within the branch. But the High Court in Glasgow was told Davies had to quickly to remove it because he hadn’t created eye holes.

Davies, from Dunfermline, still managed to get his hands on almost £2000 – after repeatedly battering a glass partition at the bank’s counter with the meat cleaver and threatening to harm a female customer.

Before sauntering off he was spotted petting a dog.

He was eventually caught after a brave customer from the bank followed him home and then called police.

Davies pleaded guilty to assault and robbery and will be sentenced next month.